Charity Concert at St Ludwigskirche with Mayor Dieter Reiter and Paul Daly Band



2:00 PM

Orchestra and Singers for charity with the Deutsch-Irischer Freundeskreis Bayern and the Paul Daly Band! 2pm, free

The ESME e.V. Orchestra and Singers will be playing Christmas repertoire in this charity event with the Deutsch-Irischer Freundeskreis Bayern e.V. (DIF) and Paul Daly.
Here’s a video of what they did last year:
The charities are the Initiative krebskranke Kinder München e.V.:
Münchener Elternstiftung-Lichtblicke für schwerkranke und krebskranke Kinder:
Elterninitiative Intern 3 im Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspital München e.V.:
Also sponsored by the Munich Irish Network

Admission is free but please donate for charity.


The DIF is the Deutsch-Irischer Freundeskreis Bayern e.V. —

Venue Details

Ludwigstraße 22
Munich 80539