The Resident Alien Big Band

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Munich Stadtgründungsfest Marienplatz 2017
video credit: Monica Morton; vocals Caroline Kelley

Resurrecting the sounds of former days, The Resident Alien Big Band is Munich’s most diverse musical ensemble. Today fourteen nationalities contribute their distinct backgrounds to reinterpret classics ranging from Count Basie to Bruno Mars. The result is a unique blend of bossa nova-inspired bass lines, funky horns, tight guitar riffs, and infectiously charismatic vocals.

You have multiple opportunities to see us perform this Summer:

24th June, post-concert party, ESME Summer Concert, Kulturhaus Trudering
28th June, Lost Weekend, Schellingstr. Munich
9th July, Tanzserenade, Kulturhaus Milbertshofen Glaspalast und Garten, Munich
6th August, Munich Sessions Summerfest, Rindermarkt, Munich

Founded in 2010, the group regularly performs at venues large and small in and around Munich. Past gigs include:

München Stadtgründungsfest (Munich Founding Festival), Marienplatz
Tanzserenade am Schneckenplatz in conjunction with the Munich Kulturreferat
Munich Unplugged festival, Hofbräuhaus Munich
Munich Sessions Summerfest, Rindermarkt Munich
The Lion’s Club Summer Ball, Künstlerhaus Munich
2016 Munich Summer Ball, hosted by ESME e.V.
The Irish Business Network Winter Ball
The summer festival of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
Jazzbar Vogler – charity event with the Lion’s Club Münchner Kindl
Münchener Tanzserenade (Kulturreferat)
…and many more.

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Band Leader
Davy Kazan

Mikael Ahlstedt, Alister Clarke, Elaine Cole, Alessandra Fusco, Thelonious Kazan, Carina Kraft, Michael Mosch, Rudolf Neuhaus, Sarah Hackbarth-Ready, Miguel Ramirez Wong, Jean-Christophe Marinoni

Helmut Appel, Elio di Bernardo, Pavel Detistov, Christian Kiefhaber, Alex Platt, Herbert Schiller, Matti Ukkola

Brian Eve, Ryanne Leong, Chris Roth, Christoph Zwosta

Mayya Bychkova, Christian Gegg, Worathiti “Pung” Manosroi, Joao Paolo Martins, Daniel Schulz, Ray Sönning, Alexander Wedekind

Vocals and Vocal Ensemble
Singers: Mijra Baechle-Gerstmann, Elaine Cole, Christian Falconi, Caroline Kelley, Carina Little, Jackson Lynch

Ray Sönning, Alexander Wedekind, Richard Bromham

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