Singers’ Conductor – Linda Oppermann

Barely able to reach the pedals, Linda got her start as a pianist at the age of 6. (She has also been known to play the clarinet from time to time.)  By 14, she was conducting her own High School a cappella ensemble and has been working with amateur choirs ever since. In 2017, she had the opportunity to re-perform the original musical, “Shatten der Zeit,” which she wrote for her high school musical theater ensemble. She studied at the Münchner Musikhochschule where she developed her appreciation for the unique music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras as a member of a Madrigalchor.

ESME 2019 Spring Showcase

Linda joined ESME in 2019, trying to keep the spirit up during the pandemic.  She had a teaching position for piano improvisation at the Musikhochschule München until summer 2022, where she also carried out a musical project for children with her own musical, “Schatten der Zeit.”  She recently changed her career and now works as a life coach while she still pursues music as her hobby.

A German native, she also speaks English, French and Spanish. Though she doesn’t have a favourite song or composer, she’s a big fan of pop/rock music. She especially enjoys working with non-professionals and finds it inspiring to work with an international ensemble at ESME, “because everyone is so open-minded… one can always feel the spirit that everyone likes coming together and rehearsing.”

Our Winter Season Conductor

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