Singer’s conductor – Jochen Stuppi

Jochen Stuppi was shaped by his music-oriented high school, his participation as a répétiteur, orchestra-pianist and organist and ultimately his music studies for primary school.

He designed many open-air concerts and innovative choir-concepts, often in cooperation with other artists: e.g. “Concert of the Night” (2015: with a photography competition) and “Paradoxien” (2017: concert for choir, clown, big band and organ). Highlight of his career as a conductor was “Snoopy” (2019), a choir adaptation of the Broadway show, written, arranged and directed by him.

As an educator for theatre, he loves to offer and design experiences for choirs on stage and their audiences. After 8 years, conducting the „Gemischte Chor Radolfzell“ at Lake Constance, Jochen Stuppi began his work with  ESME in September 2022.

Former Singers’ Conductors