Reserve your seats on the “Sleigh Ride” – our annual ESME Winter Concert!

It’s that time of year again, and the ESME “Sleigh Ride” is ready to make a merry stop at the Künstlerhaus to unpack a festive dose of Christmas cheer at our annual Winter Concert. This musical excursion is guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit.

Hosted by ESME e.V. (English-Speaking Music Ensembles e.V.), the concert will feature the ESME Orchestra, the ESME Singers and the Resident Alien Big Band.

From the rousing Ladino Ocho Kandelikas, to Handel’s famous Hallelujah Chorus and swinging numbers from our big band, you’ll enjoy ESME’s usual wide-ranging repertoire, including seasonal classics that will surely tempt you to sing along!

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Summer Concert Review

“Blue Skies” was a great success! For those of you who were there, thank you. For those who couldn’t make it, we missed you! The Trudering Kulturzentrum hall was nearly full – over 250 tickets sold!  The orchestra warmed up the audience with the rousing Strauss Waltzer, followed by two lively Hungarian Dances by Brahms. This lively start planted the seeds for audience participation that took place later when the Resident Alien Big Band took the stage. But prends garde à toi! Kerry Wake-Dyster’s charismatic solo performance as Carmen, in the orchestra and singers’ rendition of “Habanera” was surely memorable. 

The choir’s set included “I Love My Love,” where Linda first gave the audience new intrigue to an otherwise standard folksong with her interpretation of the lyrics: a tale of two star-crossed lovers separated by his cruel parents, he–sent to sea, she–to an asylum. But, he returns and they are reunited – a Happy Ending…or is it? Maybe there was a reason she was sent to an asylum. 

In the final song of the first half, to bolster soloist Alex Kourtidis’s quest in search of “Somebody to Love,” the RABB rhythm section and choir swelled to over 200 people as the audience joined in with the Queen classic. Alex was great – he may not have found somebody to love himself, but we all did!

For the second half of the concert the RABB wove their magic. Indeed, it was more than just Blue Skies from now on, with Orange Colored Sky also being on their setlist. Feet started tapping to the Caribbean rhythm of “Hot,Hot, Hot”, but soon the aisles were filled with dancers–even several children gave it their all.

The choir, wine glasses in hand, joined the Big Band for a relaxed performance of the musical hit “Lullaby of Broadway”, and to round off the night, when the RABB did their funk encore with a rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” a conga line circled the audience, growing as it went. We hope the audience had as much fun as we did! A special thanks to our fantastic conductors, Alonzo, Linda and Davy, but most especially to you for supporting us. We hope to see you at 6:00pm on December 9 at Künstlerhaus for “Sleigh Ride” our 2023 Winter Concert!

Sing along with the video clip from “Lullaby of Broadway” by clicking the image above.

Behind the Scenes with Alonzo Barrett, ESME Orchestra Conductor

Alonzo Barrett was born in LA, and raised in Houston, whilst much of his musical education was gained in the states of Texas and Indiana. He moved to Munich in 2021 to study for a bachelor’s degree in orchestral conducting at the University of Music and Performing Arts after his professor told him that if he really wanted to learn conducting he’d better head over to Germany. I’m not sure if the ESME orchestra was quite what the prof had in mind! but Alonzo began working with us in the very successful Spring/Summer season this year and we are delighted to welcome him back this Autumn for his second season with us.

Alonzo brings great clarity to his direction; meaning that as musicians we very quickly get an understanding of what he is asking for – even if achieving the required goal might not always be straight forward!

He is also not afraid to experiment and innovate, often trying out new ideas on the fly; as an Orchestra we feel like we are actively contributing to the development of the piece which is exciting. He is also encouraging; whilst some of us might initially struggle with a particularly tricky passage, he never makes us feel put on the spot. Mistakes are met with a knowing smile rather than a frown.

We have some great repertoire to work with this term and are all eager to see how the season unfolds.

RABB Summer Highlights

Our Resident Aliens with band leader Davy Kazan were back in full swing after the long covid break. Further to the “Blue Skies” Summer concert, we were engaged to play as part of the “Tanzserenade” series – a Summer Sunday evening dance-along held by Volkskultur München and supported by the Munich Kulturreferat. 

It was a very hot afternoon, and we set-up stage in the Glashaus area of Kulturhaus Milbertshofen to play music to dance to, with the regulars dancing swing, ballroom, especially the German classic disco-fox! 

We will be returning to the Kulturhaus Milbertshofen on 12th November to play the indoor “Tanztee” in the same series. Entry is free, dancing is welcomed and more information is available (in German) via:

For impressions of us playing the Tanztee, click the photo below:

Video by David Freer

The Summer season culminated with the vibrant Munich Sessions Summer Fest at the Rindermarkt in the heart of Munich. The Resident Aliens opened the festival Sunday with Christian singing a husky rendition of the classic, “Mack the Knife” and finished with Caroline performing “Feeling Good” to a captivated audience. Most of the band stayed on to listen to the following artists and it was all-in-all a fantastic day. We would like to thank the Munich Sessions for inviting us to play on their stage each year, and hope to see you there again next August.

To hear us at the Munich Sessions Summer fest, click this photo:

Video by Heike Schilling

If you would like to join the Resident Alien Big Band we are specifically looking for a lead trumpet confident in improvisation, a bass-trombone player and a percussionist (auxiliary percussion). Feel free to get in touch with us!

Meet Julia Chalfin – ESME’s new Winter Singers’ Conductor

This season marks the first one working with our new autumn/winter conductor, Julia Chalfin. Julia hails from the United States, where she received her Master of Music in Vocal Performance from Ithaca College in New York. She relocated to Munich for her post-graduate studies at the Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium.

A sterling-voiced soprano, Julia brings a wealth of varied musical experience to ESME, with years of professional opera appearances (Cosi Fan Tutte, Carmen, Die Zauberflöte, etc), as well as a solo vocalist in Requiems by Mozart, Fauré and Pinkerton, along with Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, Haydn’s Nelson Mass, and countless others.

She has also created her own successful act as an opera-cabaret performer in Munich, with shows of The Birth of a Diva, and Ladies Who Brunch, and her monthly concert series, “Opernstammtisch”, which explores the passionate and dramatic world of opera with a beer in hand.

Our singers are already delighted by Julia’s bubbly personality and patient, focussed conducting skills and look forward to performing with her in our winter concert at the Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz, on Saturday, December 9th, at the family friendly time of 6 pm. We certainly hope to see you there!

Looking forward to our ESME Autumn Weekend Away

Images from various members at our 2019 EWA at Haus Sudetenland, Waldkraiburg

This November, members from the ESME Orchestra and Singers will return for the fourth time to the picturesque Haus Sudentenland in Waldkraiburg for a weekend of music-making and revelry. No doubt, the over twelve hours of rehearsal time will amply prepare us for our upcoming “Sleigh Ride”, (the ESME Winter Concert) on 9 December, 2023!

Upcoming ESME and RABB Concert Dates not to miss!

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After four long years, we are finally ready to spread our wings again for our
most varied concert of the season: the Spring Showcase! We will present
a multitude of genres: everything from traditional choral pieces, to
classical, jazz and pop ensembles. This is our chance to show off how many
different styles of music we enjoy performing, and what a truly international
group we all are! The family-friendly time is 16:00 on Sunday, 14 May, 2023
at the Einstein Kulturzentrum. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day – hope to see
you there.

In this time of social distancing, it is indeed starting to feel like five-hundred, twenty-five thousand, six-hundred minutes since the last time things were normal… but ESME members have not let this stop the music! This month, ESME Singers united–from a safe distance–to bring you the Seasons of Love virtual choir. We hope this helps you feel the love from your ESME friends!

Directed by Linda Oppermann. Created by Daniel Plappert.

Our Annual December Concert

Tis the season for… Cosying up by a crackling fire with hot chocolate and a good book; the scent of Plätzchen wafting through the house; or listening to the dulcet tones of English-Speaking Music Ensembles e.V. in their dazzling Winter Concert – which makes winter the glorious season that it is!

Join the ESME Orchestra and Singers in Schloß Nymphenburg for an afternoon of beautiful musical frivolity and a programme which includes Handel, Rutter, Bach, Sullivan, Mika and more. There is something for everyone.

Winter Concert tickets are now on sale!

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The Perfect Blend of Music and Fun

This season, the ESME orchestra has been working hard for the upcoming winter concert at Schloss Nymphenburg. Under the direction of award-winning conductor, Johanna Malangré, the orchestra will be performing an exciting program including, among other pieces, Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony (Symphony No. 5) and Saint-Saens Cello Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, Op. 33. The orchestra has flourished under Johanna’s inspiring and entertaining conducting style, and her rehearsals are always filled with great music and great fun. On a recent all-day orchestra rehearsal, members brought along unique potluck dishes so that in-between making music, they shared in some food and fellowship. The day proved successful in providing not only a focused, productive time for rehearsing, but also a time for members to enjoy each other’s company!

Epic ESME Weekend Away

For this year’s ESME Fall Weekend Away, Haus Sudetenland in Walkreiburg was filled with smooth harmonies and good vibes, punctuated by stretches of raucous revelry. Over the weekend, Linda’s infectious laughter, positivity and clear guidance propelled the Singers through over 12 lively hours of rehearsals. Meanwhile, Lea, Chris and Niels were hard at work in their mini-strings sectional.

As so often happens at the ESME Weekends Away, the fun carried on in all the in-between moments and into the wee hours of the night! Led by inspired game master, Dang, teams collaborated to showcase their choreography, beat-boxing, lyricism and even an impressive Russian rendition of “Bear Necessities” from the Jungle Book. The creative team skits had everyone rolling with laughter and singing until they found their beds.

Big Band to Play 2019 Munich Winter Ball for Amnesty International

On 23rd November our Resident Alien Big Band will be providing the musical entertainment at the annual Irish Business Network Charity Ball (in aid of Amnesty International). Hurry, there are only a few tickets left!
For further details including a link to ticket sales: Winter BALL for Amnesty International 2019.

Entity e.V. announces “The Seagull”

€18 (€12 concessions)
Reserve online:

This winter, our friends at Entity Theatre e.V. present Anton Chekhov’s great 19th century classic, The Seagull, a heart-wrenching and darkly funny story about love, art and ill-fated ambition. “It is life itself onstage with all its tragic alliances, eloquent thoughtlessness and silent sufferings the sort of everyday life that is accessible to everyone and understood in its cruel internal irony by almost no one” (Anatoly Koni). Adapted by Tom Stoppard, Directed by Bogdan Tabacaru and Produced by Katrin Fegert.

ESME Singers join ENTITY for Live Radio Broadcast Production!

Tickets for the Matinee are still available:

Performing as live carollers, members of ESME e.V. have joined this special Entity e.V. production to add a winter dusting of holiday spirit! It will be a night of Christmas carols and live sound effects as the cast brings to life the 1940s story of idealistic George Bailey, who spent his entire life giving up his dreams for the good of his town. This 1940s live radio broadcast is an adaptation by Tony Palermo of Frank Capra’s beloved American holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life. Audiences worldwide can TUNE IN digitally from the Entity IWL website HERE!

Upcoming Concerts and Events


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Fly away on ESME e.V. airlines!

Don’t miss our annual Summer Concert!

Take a whistle stop world tour in the company of the ESME Orchestra, Singers and Resident Alien Big Band! Fly with us from the misty Scottish highlands, to Southern Italy for a touch of Sicilian romance. Brazilian rhythms at a Copacabana beach party,  spectacular views of Kilimanjaro rising above the Serengeti and a walk in Memphis are only some of the many experiences on offer. Book your seat and don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes….

Program excerpt:
Hebrides Overture – Felix Mendelssohn
Bohemian Rhapsody – Freddy Mercury
City of Stars (from La La Land) – Justin Hurwitz
Violin Concerto in E minor opus 64 – Felix Mendelssohn 1st movement
solo violin: Stefano Menna from the Munich Symphony Orchestra

Summer Concert tickets are now on sale!


Add this concert to your calendar so you don’t miss out


The second half of our Summer Concert will keep you traveling right across the dance floor to the groovy beats and heavenly harmonies of the Resident Alien Big Band! Here’s a preview from the recent wedding of one of our own.

Click the ticket link above to secure your seats for:

  • Full Concert -Orchestra, Choir & Party with RABB Adults €18, Students €10 and Children <12 €7
  • Concert Party with RABB only Adults €12, Students €8

Resident Alien Big Band return to Munich’s Stadtgründungsfest 15.06

Get a live taster of our Summer Concert afterparty when the ESME Big Band play the 2019 Stadtgründungsfest, Saturday 15 June in Marienplatz. Bring out your friends and family to soak up the tunes, tap your toes and sip some of Bavaria’s finest brew! (We’ll play approx. 1pm)

Spring Showcase

All photographs by: Alexandra Coman

Our annual Spring Showcase at the Einstein Kulturzentrum was nothing short of sublime. It featured a diverse range of crowd-pleasing performances including a cello duet, charming french chanson, toe-tapping jazz, impassioned opera, a unique ukulele love ballad and a sampling of choral harmonies. Special thanks to our concert management team, Alyssa Filardo and Carina Little, Singers’ conductor Linda Oppermann and to all the performers and helpers who made this such a fun event!

When the conductor’s away, the orchestra will play

Recently the orchestra had a real treat. As their conductor could not make a rehearsal, none other than Bob Ross stepped in. Over two fantastic and hilariously amusing hours the musicians learned a lot, including how to “attack” the music so it won’t “defend itself”. Thank you, Bob – we surely haven’t laughed so much during a rehearsal before! Come see all we’ve learned at our upcoming Summer Concert!

For a taste of Bob’s humour, read his most recent book, Dirigenten und andere Katastrophen. (Use this Amazon link and will donate part of their profit to ESME!)

Another memorable ESME weekend away

All photographs by Daniel Plappert

There was no shortage of smiles, laughter and energizing music at this year’s annual Spring Weekend Away in Bad Schussenried. Some of the highlights included our first joint Orchestra-Singers’ rehearsals led by conductors Johanna Malangré and Linda Oppermann, impromptu orchestra yoga, delicious meals by the friendly Humboldt Institute kitchen staff, lovely llama walks and of course piano sing-alongs lasting into the wee hours of the morning. Come out for our Summer Concert and share in the energy and fun that makes us ESME e.V. Huge thanks goes to Mark Hammond for his organization of this fantastic weekend!

Upcoming Concerts


This post is our newsletter — subscribe to have a version with a ticket link for each concert sent to you as soon as we have it!  More regular news, posts and updates go out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All our social media channels are linked at the bottom of each page.