Membership payments (from Jan 2024)

Membership fees and subscriptions go toward covering all the costs of running the organisation, from rehearsal space, conductors and concert halls to insurances and legal coverage. Basically everything which is required to keep ESME e.V. up and running.

Payments are billed at the beginning of the calendar year unless the member has cancelled their membership with the required notice before the first rehearsal of their ensemble (presently 2 weeks’ notice). Once you have paid your required amount, you are eligible to participate in ESME rehearsals and performances for that year.

Annual membership costs EUR 170,- full and EUR 90,- reduced (unemployed/ students/ disabled), payable by all members at the beginning of the year, irrespective of the number of ensembles you participate in.

New members joining in the first half of the year (up to the Summer concert) get a EUR -30,- “new member bonus” so only pay EUR 140,- (EUR 60,- reduced) in their first year. New members joining in the Autumn/ Winter season (from September) pay EUR 80,- (EUR 50,- reduced) for the first calendar year. From the following year (January) you would then be required to pay the full fee.

The annual membership fee for the following year is set by our members at the Annual General Meeting.
Presently we charge no further subscriptions, as the set fee covers the budget for 2024.