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New Conductor needed for the Singers Fall/Winter season, starting September 2023

The English-Speaking Music Ensembles e. V. (ESME) is searching for an experienced choral conductor to lead our Fall/Winter season, starting rehearsals in September 2023.

ESME was founded in 2011 by a group of enthusiastic amateur musicians and includes an orchestra, a choir, and a big band. The person who steps up to this challenge will conduct a growing 50 person amateur choir and prepare for two major concerts a year and perhaps an ad-hoc smaller performance as well.

Our members and audience enjoy a special blend of eclectic music from Mozart to Star Trek, and many pieces involve multiple ensembles. The Singers rehearse on Wednesdays at the Einstein Kulturzentrum, and rehearsals are in English.

We are looking for a person who actively and positively encourages the ensemble that represents a wide mix of nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures. He/she is involved in repertoire choices and drives towards concert-ready pieces that will be performed at renowned and relevant stages in Munich. 
The conductor should fulfill the following expectations: 

  • Commit to fulfilling the conductor role for at least an entire season, including rehearsals and concerts (i.e. until Dec ’23), leading > 85% of the rehearsals throughout the season. Planned absences should be communicated to the board 2 months in advance
  • Commit to and conduct 1 all-weekend rehearsal per season (Fri evening to Sun afternoon)
  • Attend 1 joint rehearsal day per season with the orchestra / Big Band, generally 1 week before the concert. 
  • Prepare and attend 1 repertoire meeting per season with the Artistic Manager. 
  • Finalize concert repertoires 2 months before a concert.
  • Participate in stage planning for performances. 

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