Einstein Kulturzentrum

Orchestra rehearsals Spring/ Summer season 2019 will be at the Einstein Kulturzentrum

The entrance is from Einsteinstraße 42 (NOT the office at number 34!) through the archway below then to the right through the glass atrium down the stairs. Follow the long corridor past the Kino (theatre) on the left until you reach the foyer. Halle 1, our regular rehearsal room, is directly ahead of you (slightly to the left). Halle 4, where we will do our first 2 rehearsals on 4th and 18th Feb is the last hall of the four. Follow the corridor to the right of the foyer (opposite the entrance to the Jazzclub Unterfahrt) right to the end and Halle 4 is on the right (please see our amazingly professional “how to find Halle 4” sketch below).

The location is a listed building with vaulted ceilings and no natural light. Please bring your own MUSIC STAND LIGHTS to the venue to ensure that you can read your music!