Summer 2017 News

Hiya fans,

Our biggest news, of course, is that our Summer Concert tickets have just gone on sale at !  The concert itself is called Sing, Swing, Strings!, on July 8 at the Gasteig, and we’re excited to try a couple of experiments — we’re trying out one single ticket price of 15 euros for everyone, and no reserved seats.  That’s right — come early to grab your preferred place!  Reduced admissions for children and students are 8 euros.

Of course the show will be packed with our traditional variety, including Mozart, Glenn Miller, some Andrews Sisters, a bit of Bizet, a couple gospel numbers, the Monty Python theme tune (did you know it was written by John Philip Sousa?)… you know how it goes!

If you missed our sold-out Spring Concert on April 22 in the Einstein Kulturzentrum, we have made a few videos available — including this one of some spontaneous musicking at the after party!  The staff at the Unionsbräu was very accommodating, but it’s a good thing we had the entire room to ourselves.


We had our Annual General Meeting on Sunday, May 21, and we congratulate Michael von Glasow on his election to the position of Vice-Chair after Sarah Mulloy has stepped down after two successful terms!  Annie Janssen was reelected as Artistic Manager, while Elaine Cole and Genevieve Cory continue in their terms as Treasurer and Chair.  We are currently without a Secretary, but the Board is working on how to fill that spot soon (and start the notarizing!) – and perhaps founding an entire Concert Coordination Committee.  As our organization expands, the tasks somehow do not become fewer!

ESME e.V. is playing more gigs than ever before! Tomorrow, June 11, at 15:00 in the Stadtteilkultur 2411 at Hasenbergl, the Singers will be performing together with the Munich Korean Women’s Choir.  Stadtteilkultur 2411 was our rehearsal venue for the Singers and Orchestra in 2016, and it’s a lovely space in the north of town. There will be coffee and cake in the interval, and the show is free (but donations are accepted).  Location details are in the gig post.


The Resident Alien Big Band (RABB) is excited to perform in front of thousands of people at the City of Munich’s Stadtgründungsfest on Saturday, June 17!  They will perform at Marienplatz, right in the center of town, at 14:45.  This is a very prestigious opportunity for us, and they’ve been working and networking for years to get this chance to perform at one of the city’s biggest summer weekend festivals.  The whole program is here, and it’s an entire weekend of fun:

The Aliens will be moving faster than the speed of camera shutters as they groove onstage:








Look for members of other ensembles in the audience wearing their blue ESME t-shirts and carrying the ESME banner, as demonstrated at the Expat in the City Fair in March:





We hope to see you on June 11, June 17, and / or July 8!